Wood Technology - CPD Workshops 2020/2021

You’re very welcome to this brief Guide to the materials for the Wood Technology CPD Day 2020/2021. This Guide is intended to provide an overview of the content, messages and discussion points of the CPD materials as you engage with them as an individual, a group of teachers or as a Subject Department. The materials will be helpful for teachers who may not have been able to attend the workshop in Wood Technology on their cluster CPD day 2020/2021, for newly qualified teachers or for teachers teaching Wood Technology for the first time in Junior Cycle. The materials will also be of interest to teachers who attended the CPD workshop in their cluster day 2020/2021 and who would like to revisit the materials.


While the workshop ran over three sessions on the cluster day, we have divided that into two shorter sections for you to engage with online. We have included an overview (in the form of a blurb) with each set of materials, indicating the core content of the PowerPoints, videos or other materials. Each overview will help you to discern what the section entails or what section you would like to revisit in the time you have available.

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Learning Log

Teachers can download a digital version of the learning log which was used in conjunction with the CPD workshop. Teachers may also wish to print a hardcopy version of the learning log.


The learning log is in pdf format and contains useful links to other documents, resources, and videos. For this reason, it is recommended that you use the downloadable digital version.


The CPD PowerPoint Presentation has been split into two parts:


Part 1: This part of the presentation focuses on an integrated approach to the teaching and learning of the subject. Teachers participated in a number of design tasks and had an opportunity to recognise the impact that task planning has on the learner experience. They also considered the role sketching plays when exploring design ideas.


Part 2: Teachers had an opportunity to discuss and appreciate the role of reflection in Wood Technology. They considered strategies that support students when reflecting on learning. Teachers also had an opportunity to explore the structure of CBA 2 – Student self-analysis and evaluation.

My Wood Technology Skills Progress Journey

This resource has been developed as an example of one approach that could be used by students to capture reflections on the progress of their skills in Wood Technology. The resource encourages students to reflect on their skills on an ongoing basis throughout first and second year. Information about the resource was presented and discussed with teachers in the afternoon session of CPD 2020/2021. See slides 8 to 21 of CPD Presentation 2 above.


Note: This resource is just one example and other approaches for capturing student reflections were considered and discussed by teachers.