Graphics - CPD Workshops 2022/2023

This section contains the professional learning materials and supporting resources used during the 2022/2023 cluster CPD. The materials and resources will further support the professional learning of colleagues at school level, and of those teachers who are new or returning to Graphics. 

Activity Booklet

Teachers registered for Graphics CPD 2022/2023 received an Activity Booklet in the post to their schools prior to their scheduled workshop day. During the Graphics CPD day, teachers engage in practical activities in the Activity Booklet. This booklet was developed by the Graphics team for engagement by teachers during the CPD workshop, however, it is also available in PowerPoint format for teachers to adapt for their own class context.


The CPD PowerPoint Presentation has been split into three parts:


Part 1 - Teachers reflect on their implementation of the Graphics specification and also explore the development of spatial reasoning skills in the Graphics classroom.


Part 2 – Teachers explore learning outcomes and see how an awareness and understanding of geometry can be communicated using a variety of media.


Part 3 - Teachers explore pedagogical approaches to developing an understanding of the properties of geometric shapes, objects and constructions.

Interactive Poster

This interactive poster supports engagement with the CPD workshop materials. It is hyperlinked to useful documents and resources referred to throughout the day. Teachers may find this useful as a navigation tool to revisit some of the workshop materials.