Engineering - CPD Workshops 2021/2022

The learning log for the 2021/2022 cluster workshop is available to the right of this text. Click to view or download the learning log. Teachers will need to download a copy of the learning  log prior to the workshop. We recommend that teachers print the learning log and write notes as they progress through the activities. Supporting videos may be accessed in the learning log through the QR codes via camera app on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. The videos may also be accessed by clicking the QR codes directly in a digital copy of the learning log.

Mechatronics Teaching and Learning Resource (Supplementary Components) Instruction Sheet

The instruction sheet to the right of this text was sent in advance to teachers in schools who registered for the 2021/2022 cluster workshop. The instruction sheet was sent with a kit of supplementary components. The supplementary components compliment the ‘Mechatronics Teaching and Learning Resource’ which was sent to schools for the 2020/2021 cluster workshop. The instruction sheet outlines the components required for the workshop, and how to prepare the components prior to engaging in the modules in the 2021/2022 cluster workshop. The title of each module is stated in the instruction sheet. The instructions are supported with instructional videos. These videos can be accessed by clicking or scanning the QR codes as they appear in the instructions.