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Post Date: 15 March 2019

Update for Spring 2019

Spring Leadership Professional Learning Experience 2019: Student-centred Strategic Planning

The Spring Leadership workshop 2019 will focus on Student Centred Strategic Planning. It aims to support School Leaders in deepening their understanding of how to plan a Junior Cycle curriculum which is needs and context driven, and student centred in approach.

The Framework for Junior Cycle 2015 gives autonomy to schools to create a flexible curriculum responding to the learning needs of all their students and the unique context of their school.

During the workshop participants will reflect on the vision for Junior Cycle which places the student at the centre of their own educational experience and explore how the curricular decisions School Leaders make in their schools can put the student at the centre. 

Looking at our School 2016: A Quality Framework for Post Primary Schools (Here highlights effective and highly effective practice in the Domain, Leading Learning and Teaching, in which School Leaders are tasked with managing the planning and implementation of the school curriculum.

In this workshop we will allow space for discussion with colleagues around effective ways of leading the process of curriculum development in the schools you manage.

As explored in previous workshops, teaching, learning, assessment and the reporting of learning in Junior cycle has changed. These changes are having a significant impact on the learning experience of students in the classroom and on how teachers plan.

In the workshop we will take time for School Leaders to reflect on how these changes have been embraced and communicated at a whole school level to ensure consistency and coherency of practice across the school.

In the workshop participants explore some of the new aspects of the recent Circular 79/2018 and consider what may be the implications for their school curriculum particularly in the area of wellbeing provision, assessment and reporting.

Considering the Framework for Junior Cycle 2015, participants will explore a school scenario which documents how one school reviewed their curricular provision and, how they moved from 300 hours to 400 hours of timetabled wellbeing provision as part of this review.  After exploring the scenario, participants reflect on what the Junior Cycle student experience looks like in their school and what process they may need to undertake to ensure that the curriculum offered in their school is student centred in design.

With the focus on leading change, School Leaders will explore the Domain, Leading School Development - Manage, lead and mediate change to respond to the evolving needs of the school and to changes in education and reflect on how they are mediating the whole school changes to assessment and reporting in their own schools.

Circular 79/2018 highlighted the ‘broadening of the time- bands in which CBAs, SLARs and Assessment Tasks may be completed will allow schools greater flexibility to organise the timing of the CBA in way that suits the learning needs of the students and the organisational needs of the school’.

As School Leaders, we need to understand the rich learning for students in the classroom-based assessments and the similarities and differences between them so that we can facilitate a process with teachers that is collaborative, sensitive and flexible in manner. A possible process to negotiate the school’s assessment and reporting calendar is outlined in the workshop.

We would encourage all School Leaders to log on to www.jctregistration.ie and select one of the 45 workshops happening Nationwide from the 19th of March until the 9th of May.

Participants will receive a copy of the new poster and brochure for parents and guardians explaining assessment and reporting in Junior Cycle.