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Post Date: 06 April 2018

Update for Spring 2018

Spring leadership Workshops

The Spring Leadership Workshop for 2018 will focus on the NCCA reporting guidelines ‘Ongoing reporting for effective teaching and learning’ (here).

 It is part of the series of Focus on Learning booklets designed to support learning and assessment (here).

The Workshop aims to help schools develop approaches to ongoing reporting to students and their parents. In this context the term ongoing reporting refers to the systems and structures that the school puts in place to report on student progress right across the school year. Ongoing reporting on student progress can take many forms and can reflect many aspects of school life. These will be explored in the Workshop from the viewpoint of the different stakeholders. A key message in the Workshop is that teaching, learning, assessment and reporting are interlinked. There is a lot for schools to consider in reporting student learning hence both the JCT spring and Autumn Leadership Workshops for 2018 will focus on reporting student learning.

The 45 Workshops will take place from the 10th April till the 4th of May in Education centres around the country. School Principals and Deputy principals can register on www.jctregistration.ie  to book a place. Each Workshop is being delivered by a leadership associate and full time JCT personnel.

The resources for the Workshop are available to be downloaded to use with in-school management teams and staff.

Communicating with Parents

To support schools in communicating the changes to Junior cycle with Parents, JCT have created two parent presentations (scroll down this page here). The presentations have two different sections.

Part one examines the rationale for change and explores such elements as subjects, short courses, L2LPs, other areas of Learning and student wellbeing.

Part two explores the changes to assessment and reporting and takes a close look at the Junior cycle profile of achievement.

These presentations can be downloaded and adapted to suit the context and audience. A school may use different parts of the presentation to show to the parents of different year groups.

Leaders Workshop on the Level 2 Learning programme.

In response to demand the JCT leadership and L2LPs teams are delivering 4 Workshops for school leaders in Cork, Dublin, Limerick and Carrick on Shannon from the 8th to 11th of May. This is a repeat of the Workshops that were delivered earlier in September 2017. This four-hour Workshop will focus on what is involved in the programme, who is it for, how does a school plan, resource and timetable the programme in their own school setting and context. School Leaders and the schools SEN coordinator are invited to attend. Register on www.jctregistration.ie/