Engineering - CPD Workshops 2022/2023

Engineering - CPD Workshops 2022/2023

This section contains the professional learning materials and supporting resources used during the 2022/2023 cluster CPD. The materials and resources will further support the professional learning of colleagues at school level, and of those teachers who are new or returning to the Engineering.

Learning Log

The learning log for the 2022/2023 cluster workshop is available to the right of this text.
Teachers will need to download a copy of the learning log prior to the workshop. We recommend that teachers print the learning log and write notes as they progress through the activities. The learning log is in PDF format and contains useful links to other documents, activity sheets and other resources.


The CPD PowerPoint Presentation has been split into four parts:


Session 1 (Parts 1 & 2); These presentations focus on developing the ‘Engineering mindset’ through a mechatronics design challenge.
We also explore how the use of CAD/CAM technology in the marking out process can support peer and self-assessment.


Session 2: This presentation provides opportunities for teachers to explore how success criteria can be used effectively to support student learning in Junior Cycle Engineering.


Session 3: This presentation engages us in another mechatronics design challenge. We revisit and discuss an overview of the suite of existing resources JCT have created relating to mechatronics.

Sample Unit of Learning and Student Resources

The unit of learning and resource sheets to the right were used as part of the Engineering CPD 2022 2023 sessions. Discussions took place amongst teachers which focused on how the teacher may have developed this unit of learning with their students and school context in mind. This sample resource may assist you in planning and developing materials suitable for your student’s context. The focus of this unit of learning was on accuracy in marking out and techniques to obtain a high-quality finish.

JCt4 Mechatronics Resource Booklet

The JCt4 Mechatronics Resource Booklet contains resources that the Engineering team have developed to support teachers utilise software in control systems. It contains useful links to step-by-step videos and other resources to help you engage with control systems. These videos can be accessed by scanning the QR codes as they appear in the booklet or by clicking on the hyperlinked text.