Engineering - CPD Workshops 2020/2021

You’re very welcome to this brief Guide to the materials for the Engineering CPD Day 2020/2021. This Guide is intended to provide an overview of the content, messages and discussion points of the CPD materials as you engage with them as an individual, a group of teachers or as a Subject Department. The materials will be helpful for teachers who may not have been able to attend the workshop in Engineering on their cluster CPD day 2020/2021, for newly qualified teachers or for teachers teaching Engineering for the first time in Junior Cycle. The materials will also be of interest to teachers who attended the CPD workshop in their cluster day 2020/2021 and who would like to revisit the materials.


The workshop ran over three sessions on the cluster day, and we have divided that into the three shorter sections for you to engage with online. We have included an overview (in the form of a blurb) with each set of materials, indicating the core content of the PowerPoints, videos or other materials. Each overview will help you to discern what the section entails or what section you would like to revisit in the time you have available.

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Learning Log

The learning log is available to the right of this text. Click to view or download the learning log. Teachers will need to download a copy of the learning log prior to engagement in the workshop. We recommend that teachers print the learning log and write in notes as they progress through the activities. Supporting videos may be accessed in the learning log through the QR codes via the camera app on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. The videos may also be accessed by clicking the QR codes directly in a digital copy of the learning log.


The workshop ran over three sessions on the cluster day. We have divided the PowerPoint presentation into the 3 sections for you to engage with online. An overview of each presentation is as follows:

Presentation 1 - Explores Mechatronics in Engineering and supports teachers as they engage with problem-solving using computer software.

Presentation 2 - Explores Teaching and Learning in Engineering, strategies to support students to develop research skills, and Classroom-Based Assessment 2: Research and Development.

Presentation 3 – Considers how we can engage students in ‘Systems Thinking’ in Mechatronics using a design process.

Mechatronics Teaching and Learning Resource and Wiring Diagram

The instruction sheet to the right of this text was sent in advance to teachers in schools who registered for the cluster workshop in Spring 2021. It was sent with a Mechatronics Teaching and Learning Resource. The instruction sheet outlines the components required for the workshop, and how to configure each component to the All-in-one Robotics board, in preparation for all the modules in the workshop. The title of each module is stated in the instruction sheet.

Note: Teachers will be required to utilise the existing kits which have already been sent to the school to engage in the workshop.

The video is an additional resource to support teachers in configuring the board in conjunction with the instruction sheet. It identifies the components required for each module, and the configuration of the components on the All-in-one Robotics board.

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