Applied Technology - CPD Workshops 2021/2022

You’re very welcome to this brief Guide to the materials for the Applied Technology CPD Day 2021/2022. This Guide is intended to provide an overview of the content, key messages and discussion points of the CPD materials as you engage with them as an individual, a group of teachers or as a Subject Department. The materials will be helpful for teachers who may not have been able to attend the workshop in Applied Technology on their cluster CPD day 2021/2022, for newly qualified teachers or for teachers teaching Applied Technology for the first time in Junior Cycle. The materials will also be of interest to teachers who attend the CPD workshop in their cluster day 2021/2022 and who would like to revisit the materials.


While the workshop runs over three sessions on the cluster day, we have divided that into three shorter sections for you to engage with online. We have included an overview (in the form of a blurb) with each set of materials, indicating the core content of the PowerPoints, videos or other materials. Each overview will help you to discern what the section entails or what section you would like to revisit in the time you have available.

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Learning Log

Teachers may wish to print or download the PDF versions of the accompanying Learning Log booklet. This booklet was developed as part of the Applied Technology online CPD day 2021/2022.


Note: During the day there will be reference made to this support booklet and there will be an icon on the top right corner of the slide on screen to indicate the page number.


In order to support teachers and groups who may be accessing materials during their Professional Time, the CPD presentation has been divided into three separate sections for website publication.


Part 1: This part of the presentation focuses on the development of skills, including Junior Cycle Key Skills, from First Year. We focus in particular on the Key Skills of Communications and Managing Information and Thinking. Teachers listen and reflect on how a teacher in his context uses the Features of Quality to support him in awarding a provisional descriptor as part of the CBA process. Following on from this, teachers consider the value of participating in the SLAR process in the context of subject learning and developing an understanding of standards and expectation.


Part 2: During this part of the presentation teachers consider how they can support students in developing problem-solving skills and resilience in electrical control. They engage in discussions about fault prevention and fault detection in electrical control in the Applied Technology classroom. They also explore the use of a multi-meter along with the JCt4 developed resource Problem-solving electrical control in Applied Technology.


Part 3: This part of the presentation explores the role of the assessment components in Applied Technology, with a particular focus on the Coursework Briefs and the Sample Paper which were published by the State Examinations Commission (SEC) in October 2021. Teachers participate in several discussions on how assessment supports the continuum of teaching and learning in Applied Technology.

Fault-Finding Teaching and Learning resource

During their CPD day, teachers engage in practical activities using a Fault-Finding Teaching and Learning resource. This teaching and learning resource was developed by the Applied Technology team in response to the needs of teachers. The resource consists of a multimeter, various electronic components and two printable documents: Problem-Solving Electrical Control in Applied Technology and Preparing for your Applied Technology CPD Day 2021_2022. These resources are available below to download in PDF format.

Resource Library

In the final part of their CPD day, teachers explore the Applied Technology Resource Library. This resource library is designed to align with the Applied Technology specification rationale, aims and learning outcomes. Contained within this resource are links to a broad range of strategies and activities that may be suitable to activate key learning across the strands and elements of the Applied Technology specification. These have been organised under eight themes that have been derived from the Applied Technology rationale and aims.