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Post Date: 08 May 2019


Mainstream Schools:

For students engaging with L2LPs and Subjects with SEC component: 

You will add PLUs to the students profile on PPOD.  This user guide is helpful: https://www.education.ie/en/Schools-Colleges/Services/Returns/Post-Primary-Online-Database-P-POD-Project/ppod-guide-9-how-to-add-plus-to-ppod-records.pdf 

 Adding School developed Short Courses:  


You will also record other areas of learning.  

SEC related info will be inputted by SEC.    

For students that are engaging with L2LPs only and not subjects with SEC component: 

For Level 2 students attending mainstream schools the school will require access to JCAD (accessed via esinet).  Schools are advised to contact jcpa@education.gov.ie  requesting said access.  Schools will also be forwarded the JCAD Handbook and User Guide.  


In special schools using POD via Esinet 

You will add students to a system called Junior Cycle Awards Database (JCAD)   

You will be able to add PLUs, Short Courses, record achievements and print off JCPA (at appropriate time) 

Exam results will be inputted by SEC. 

The helpdesk for queries in relation to JCPA is: JCPA_Helpdesk@education.gov.ie  

Post Date: 02 May 2019

NCCA Planning Tool Update

Please note that the NCCA Level 2 Planning tool will cease to be available to schools in the near future. Specifically, the tool and all associated data will be permanently removed and erased on Friday, 28th of June 2019. Email sent by the NCCA to schools on next steps.

Possible alternatives are here;

These suggestions provide a way of

  • recording which subject teachers are working on learning outcomes from the Priority Learning Units in L2LPs
  • recording student achievement.

A video accompanies each sample document.

Accessed here: https://www.jct.ie/l2lp/working_with_learning_outcomes

Accessed here: https://www.jct.ie/l2lp/an_overview_of_assessment_for_junior_cycle



Post Date: 08 May 2019

L2LPs Webinar

Our most recent webinar (and others) are now available here: https://www.jct.ie/l2lp/mainstream_school_elective_workshops 


Post Date: 08 May 2019

L2LPs School Visits - Mainstream and Special Schools

A letter will be out to schools before the end of the school year with information about booking your school visit for 2019/2020.  

Post Date: 16 March 2019

Communities of Practice....

Interested in joining a L2LPs Community of Practice for the next school year.  Email your interest to sarah.nally@jct.ie.

Please include name, contact email, county, subject(s)

We will then be in contact.

Post Date: 19 November 2018

L2LPs Review Process

We look forward to the consultation results.  Coming shortly. 

Post Date: 06 May 2019

School developed short courses

Schools that have developed Level 2 short courses may be sharing them on www.scoilnet.ie.  We have seen these ones:

Grow It, Cook It, Eat it

Where am I from?  Where am I Going?



Digital Media Literacy