CPD Workshop 2021/2022

  • Support Booklet and CPD Website for 2021/22 arrow_drop_down
    Support Booklet and CPD Website for 2021/22


    You may wish to print or download the accompanying support booklet and visit the accompanying website.


  • Session 1 - Looking at English in Our School arrow_drop_down
    Session One

    This session begins with a look at teaching and learning in the Junior Cycle English classroom in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic and then reflects on Junior Cycle English since the implementation of the Junior Cycle Framework and English Specification. The session then moves on to look at planning for assessment before finishing with a collaboratively created assessment that focuses on personal writing.

  • Session 2 - Workshop Options - Drama, L2LP and Level 3, Creative Writing and ThingLink arrow_drop_down
    Session 2 Workshop Options

    Session 2 offers a choice of four workshops. These are gathered together on a Google site. The workshops are designed to be navigated independently and you can enjoy the workshop of your choice at your own pace. The four workshops are Raising the Curtain - Drama and Performance, Level 2 and Level 3 in the Junior Cycle English Classroom, Inspiring My Creative Writing and Using Digital Technology to Enhance Learning Experiences. Click on the video to find out more about these workshops before making your selection. 

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  • Session 3 - Language and Story in Junior Cycle English Classroom arrow_drop_down
    Session 3

    Session 3 explores language and story in the Junior Cycle English Classroom. In this session you will consider the lens through which you choose texts, the power of language in texts and in our classroom conversations. You will also have the opportunity to consider the text choices you and your department make.