Religious Education

CPD Workshops 2022/2023

This section contains the professional learning materials and supporting resources used during the 2022/2023 cluster CPD. The materials and resources will further support the professional learning of colleagues at school level, and of those teachers who are new or returning to the subject.    

Introduction to online CPD resources

Below you will find the Presentation and Booklet for our CPD 2022/2023 workshop. Teachers may wish to print or download the resource booklet prior to engaging with the CPD. Two versions of the booklet (PDF and Word) have been made available within this section. For a hard copy, we recommend printing the PDF version. For a digital copy we recommend downloading the editable Word version of the booklet.

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Session 1

In this section, you will find a number of CPD resources that support a dialogical approach to learning and teaching JCRE. The Triple A supports the promotion of active listening in the RE classroom while the Living Our Values activity encourages respectful dialogue and informed discussion. The Start-Stop-Continue is a reflection piece that can be used with class groups or at Religious Education subject department meetings.

Session 2

In this section, you will find CPD resources that aim to activate Student Voice in the RE classroom. The first resource is a dialogical tool called ‘The Snowflake’. We have included one on the topic of Global poverty along with an editable version for teachers to use when studying a range of topics with their class groups. 

Our Virtual Student Conference on Global Poverty is our second resource which allows students greater agency and choice in how they engage with the learning. The final resource is an overview of the possible learning and reflection activities that could be included as part of this sample Unit of Learning. There are helpful prompts included that activate Student Voice.

Section 3

In this section we include CPD resources to support Religious Education subject departments when engaging with the collaborative review and development of their practice. It includes the Question Quadrant on the action verb Discuss and the 3-2-1 reflection which can be edited for future Religious Education subject department meetings.