Modern Foreign Languages

Departmental Planning

Planning as a Department

This page contains supports which may help you in the process of establishing and nurturing a culture of collaboration within your MFL department.

Planning Screencasts

These screencasts have been developed to support teachers in working with the new specification. You can find the resources for these in the planning resources folder

Learning Outcomes
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Creating a Learning Unit
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Linking Modern Foreign Languages and Level 2 Learning Programmes

All schools will implement the Level 2 Learning Programmes differently due to the needs of their students and the context of their school. There are a number of planning phases that schools will go through in relation to school planning and timetabling, teacher planning and timetabling, and planning for individual students. You can find sample timetables and planning documents here to support you; below you will find resources which may support you in planning collaboratively to implement the Level 2 Learning Programmes within the context of the MFL classroom. 

Linking L2LPS to MFL Learning Outcomes
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