Modern Foreign Languages



This section contains information related to the ongoing and summative assessment of Junior Cycle MFL

A dual approach to assessment, involving classroom-based assessment across the three years and a final externally-assessed, state-certified examination enables the appropriate balance between preparing students for examinations and also facilitating creative thinking, engaged learning and better outcomes for students. You will find the Assessment Guidelines for MFL in our Key Documents Section

Glossary of Assessment Terms
Glossary of Assessment Terms Glossary of Assessment Terms
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  • Classroom-Based Assessment 1: Oral Communication arrow_drop_down

    The Classroom-Based Assessment, Oral Communication, has as its purpose to develop and enhance the students’ skills of oral production and interaction. This Powtoon may help you in supporting your students to prepare for their Oral Communication. You will find further information in the Assessment Guidelines for MFL linked from our "Key Documents Section".

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