Departmental Planning

In this section of the website you will find resources which may be useful for subject department planning.

Other planning resources are available in the 'Planning Resources' section of the website and can be accessed here.

Junior Cycle Mathematics Specification
Professional Time for Junior Cycle Mathematics

The Specification for Junior Cycle Mathematics is available from the NCCA website and can be accessed by using the 'Click to view' button.

This leaflet contains a list of suggestions for how teachers of Mathematics could use their allocated professional time. The suggestions encompass opportunities for the individual teacher as well as for subject department professional activity.

Planning for First Year

The resources found here may be useful to support planning for first year students, taking into account the transition from the Primary School Curriculum for Mathematics to the Junior Cycle Specification for Mathematics.

JCSP Planning
Linking L2LPs and the Mathematics Specification

Teachers who use the JCSP programme may find the attached draft JCSP Mathematics statements useful to serve as a guide for planning for teaching and learning in junior cycle Mathematics.

This document outlines some of the possible links between Level 2 Learning Outcomes from PLUs and the Junior Cycle Mathematics Specification.

Further resources can be found in the L2LP section of our website which can be accessed here.