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Post Date: 20 September 2018

The Whole School Team consists of seventeen members, 8 Regional Leaders and 9 Advisors. You can see who we are here. Essentially we are delivering two CPD days this year, with an emphasis on them as a professional learning experience for teachers.


  • Wellbeing in Junior Cycle
  • Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Reporting


The Wellbeing day is being rolled out immediately to all Voluntary Secondary Schools and most Community and Comprehensive Schools, while the Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Reporting day will begin in Education and Training Board schools from the end of 2018.


Both days call on teachers to make critical judgements about the themes of the workshops in the particular contexts of their schools.


CPD delivery across all eight regions (here) will be complete about March 2019. Whole School Leaders and Advisors will continue then to have advisory visits with schools (on request) reviewing CPD delivered and looking forward to 2019 / 2020.