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Dáta a Postáladh: 01 June 2017

Junior Cycle Coding in Action

Junior Cycle Coding In Action

There has been an unprecedented level of interest in the Junior Cycle Coding in Action initiative where 175 school from across all sectors of post-primary education applied to take part.


To reflect this interest, JCT will work with 50 schools over the coming two academic years which sees an increase of 28 schools from our previous Exploring Coding initiative. Documenting the experience of these 50 schools can support the work of other schools who may also be offering the short course in Coding on their Junior Cycle programme.


This initiative is designed to support schools who are committed to introducing the short course in Coding within their Junior Cycle programme. We are delighted to have both Intel Ireland and Lero – The Irish Software Research Centre – continuing to collaborate with us on this innovative initiative.


Further information relating to the initiative, as well as the online Expression of Interest form can be found in Resources.

Dáta a Postáladh: 07 April 2017

Junior Cycle Level 2 Short Course Development Community

Junior Cycle Level 2 Short Course Development Community
In 2015, JCT and a group of teachers from six special schools endeavoured to develop unique short courses for their Level 2 students. These short courses were tailored to address the specific needs of the student and the context of each special school.

Examples of the Level 2 short course titles are:

  • Water, Water Everywhere

  • Where am I from? Where am I going?

  • Grow It, Cook It, Eat It!


Further information, as well as a project report is available in Resources 

Dáta a Postáladh: 07 April 2017

PE and Wellbeing within the Framework for Junior Cycle

Within the nationwide cluster CPD events hosted by JCT between Dec 16 and Mar 17, physical education teachers had an opportunity to participate in a tailored CPD event. This day allowed teachers, along with colleagues from neighbouring schools, to explore the key messages regarding physical education within the new Wellbeing area of learning. Teachers could develop and share their approaches to planning and assessment using learning outcomes from the new short course specification in physical education. It was also an opportunity to consider the first steps in introducing the Wellbeing area of learning in their school. 


Key documents relating to PE and Wellbeing lie within the Wellbeing-Related Short Courses section of Key Documents 

Dáta a Postáladh: 20 May 2016

Exploring Coding 2016-17

This collaborative initiative, which ran from Jan 2016 to Feb 2017, was designed to support schools and teachers in considering the potential for the new Junior Cycle short course in Coding within their Junior Cycle programme. The short course is available as an option for schools under the Framework for Junior Cycle 2015.  

A total of 22 schools were chosen from over 120 entries to participate, and their innovative work was supported by the Short Courses Team within the Junior Cycle for Teachers (JCT) Support Service who linked with Lero – The Irish Software Research Centre – and Intel Ireland. As well as the tailored training and online support, Intel Ireland donated 900 Galileo Gen 2 Boards and teacher kits which can allow students engage in technology and design-related activities. 

Further information as well as report/s relating this initiative can be found in  Resources.