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Post Date: 01 June 2019

Update for June 2019

Classroom-Based Assessment Dates Update


Key dates for Classroom-Based Assessments for 2019/20 have been issued by the NCCA. The JCT leadership team have created a supporting document to assist school leaders to collaboratively plan with these dates for the school year 2019/20. This document links with the proposed process for collaborative planning of the school assessment calendar which was supported during our Spring Leadership seminar in 2019. The JCT Classroom-Based Assessment planning dates for the school year 2019/20 document can be accessed here


JCT Leadership Supports in 2018/19


The Autumn Leadership seminar 2018 Ongoing reporting for effective teaching and learning continued to focus on the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment’s Reporting Guidelines (here)  published in March 2018. School leaders had the opportunity to explore the connectedness of the Guiding Principles for Reporting and their impact on effective teaching and learning in the classroom. Participants explored the NCCA reporting templates (here) designed for reporting at the end of second year and discussed how they may use them in their own school context. This day explored with school leaders how they may support staff to develop the types of professional conversations required to engage fully with learning outcomes as the bedrock of ongoing assessment and reporting through units of learning, classroom-based assessments, the assessment task and the State Exams Commission exams. The presentation and resources used in this Professional Learning Experience (PLE) are available here


The Spring Leadership seminar 2019 focused on Student Centred Strategic Planning. It aimed to support School Leaders in deepening their understanding of how to plan a Junior Cycle curriculum which is needs and context driven, and student centred in approach. During the workshop participants reflected on the vision for Junior Cycle which places the student at the centre of their own educational experience and explored how the curricular decisions School Leaders make in their schools can put the student at the centre.  Circular 79/2018 highlighted the ‘broadening of the time-bands in which CBAs, SLARs and Assessment Tasks may be completed will allow schools greater flexibility to organise the timing of the CBA in a way that suits the learning needs of the students and the organisational needs of the school’. As School Leaders, we need to understand the rich learning for students in the classroom-based assessments and the similarities and differences between them so that we can facilitate a process with teachers that is collaborative, sensitive and flexible in manner. A possible process to negotiate the school’s assessment and reporting calendar was outlined in the workshop. The presentation and resources used in this PLE are available here


As part of the JCT Weeks of Webinars, the Leadership team addressed the issue of Engaging Parents with Junior Cycle in our webinar on the 25th March which can be accessed here This support for school leaders suggests a timeline for communicating with parents on the changes in Junior Cycle and highlights the resources including videos, posters, PowerPoint presentations that can be used along this journey. In an era of enhanced school autonomy, this webinar discusses the need for schools to communicate what the Junior Cycle experience will be like for your students in your school. An outline of the content of the webinar and links to all the resources discussed in this webinar can be accessed here


JCT Leadership in collaboration with the JCT L1/L2LP team gave a further support to school leaders regarding Level 2 learning programmes in their school context. Five workshops were provided in venues nationwide during May 2019. This PLE explored the implementation journey for L2LPs and looked at identifying the next steps for the SET team and subject teachers to work on an enactment plan for L2LPs in their own school context. The resources used on this day can be found in the leadership section of the JCT website. here


JCT Leadership Supports 2019/20


The JCT leadership team are now in the planning stage for our Professional Learning Experiences for school leaders for 2019/20. This PLE will be based on feedback gathered from engagement with school leaders throughout our engagement in 2018/19 and will aim to best support the needs in the system in the leadership space.

The autumn Leadership Seminar will be delivered through education centres nationwide from the 5th of November until the 10th of December 2019. Schools will be notified when registration is open through www.jctregistration.ie.


If you have any queries or concerns regarding school leadership and the Junior Cycle please contact the leadership team at  Fiona.obrien@jct.ie and Helen.Costello@jct.ie