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Post Date: 18 December 2017

Update for Autumn 2017

The leadership workshops for the academic year 2017/18 have focused on supporting school leaders in their understanding and school implementation of various aspects of the Junior Cycle reform.

In September/ October a leadership workshop focussing on the Level 2 Learning Programmes was delivered nationwide in selected education centres. This workshop focused on understanding the elements of the programme and the aspects to consider when introducing the L2LP programme to a school.  Timetabling and resource allocation was discussed in light of the principles of the revised allocation model for SEN. Schools were given  time to reflect on their own students and how they would create a timetable and programme specific to them. The resources for this workshop are in the Leadership/ CPD section.

In November, the JCT leadership associates and the JCT subject team leaders delivered 45 workshops to school leaders across the country. This workshop focused on Leading Teaching, Learning and Assessment in schools in light of the Junior Cycle reform. Strong connections were made between the Quality Framework for Post Primary schools 2016 and implementing the Junior Cycle reform. This workshop examined the role of formative assessment and its connections to classroom pedagogy and student wellbeing. The subject specifications and teaching using learning outcomes was explored with a focus on how teachers can use their professional time to collaboratively plan with their subject departments. The dual purpose of Subject Learning and Assessment Review meetings was addressed with the importance of teacher’s professional judgement a key aspect to the reform. This workshop is available to be downloaded to a school device and aspects of the workshop can be used in staff meeting or school CPD.

Communicating with Parent’s presentation: there is a new parent’s presentation on the site. Go to Resources/Communicating with Parents. This is in two parts on the website. Part one focuses on the rationale for change and examines such elements as subjects, short courses, L2LPs, other areas of learning and wellbeing. Part two explores the changes to assessment and reporting and takes a close look at the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement.  This presentation can be down loaded to a school device to be adapted to suit the school context and audience. A school may choose different parts of the presentation to show to the parents of different year groups.

Reporting on other areas of learning: A two-page document has been created to support schools with reporting on the Other areas of learning. It gives helpful examples of how students may communicate how they reflected on their learning.  This document is in the resource section of this webpage section.

Spring workshop 2018: the JCT leadership team are currently working on the Spring workshop which will focus on the area of Reporting. Schools will receive notification of the workshop in February to enrol via www.jctregistration.ie.