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Post Date: 08 June 2017

Update for June 2017

The JCT leadership workshops in the autumn of 2016 focussed on timetabling and curriculum planning, while in the Spring of 2017 the emphasis was on The Wellbeing guidelines for Junior cycle and implementing circular letter 15/2017. These presentations and their associated resources are available in the Leadership CPD workshop section of this website.


Planning for the leadership workshops for 2017/18 is well underway. In early September, School leaders and the schools learning support co-ordinator will be invited to attend a specific leadership workshop focussed on the Level 2 learning programme. The aim of the workshop is to provide the participants with a deeper understanding of how the students experience the programme through specific Level 2 learning outcomes in the classroom. Other topics to be addressed in the workshop will include planning an L2LP student programme, gathering evidence of learning for the student’s portfolio, timetabling the programme and assessing the learning. Workshops will be delivered in 9 different venues around the country at the end of September/early October by school leaders and teachers who are currently implementing the programme in their schools.


The Autumn JCT leadership workshop for 2017 will focus on examining the key themes of Junior cycle reform and how school leaders can further embed these changes through collaborative whole school planning. Letters of invitation to these workshops will be issued in early October.


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