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Post Date: 21 October 2019

Update for Autumn 2019

JCT Leadership Autumn 2019 Seminars – Leadership and Management of the Wellbeing Programme in the Junior Cycle Curriculum.


The Junior Cycle for Teachers Autumn 2019 Leadership seminars entitled ‘Leadership and Management of the Wellbeing programme in the Junior Cycle Curriculum’ will begin after the midterm break. These seminars for Principals and Deputy Principals begin rolling out nationwide on the 5th November. Forty-four seminars will be delivered in twenty-two locations around the country from that date until the 10th December. Three of those seminars will be Leagan Gaeilge and will take place in Cork, Galway and Dublin-West Education centres.


This support for school leaders has been designed in response to feedback gathered from our last seminar on student-centred strategic planning which focused on student-centred curriculum development in the wider sense. Feedback gathered on those days, and through discussion with various school leaders working on the ground in schools, has focused the leadership team to develop this day which specifically looks at supporting the Wellbeing programme in schools.


What will this seminar for School Leaders include?


The recent circular letter 0055/2019 which outlines four possible curricular options for schools to consider in relation to the Wellbeing areas of SPHE, CSPE and PE will be extensively explored in relation to the Wellbeing programme during these seminars. This is a timely support given that school leaders will be preparing for incoming first years in 2020 to have a Wellbeing programme over their first three years at post-primary school of 400 hours of timetabled Wellbeing curriculum.


Circular 0055/2019 outlines that ‘Staff, parents and students should be consulted when a school’s Wellbeing programme is being developed.’ This seminar builds on the good work already done by schools in relation to consultation and explores ways to ensure that the consultation process is authentic and allows for the development of a programme that is relevant and responsive to the identified needs of the student.


The seminar will also respond to the supports needed in relation to planning for units of learning in the Wellbeing programme. We discuss how to develop a rationale for inclusion of these units of learning and how to engage in an effective planning process that is supported by the planning template Appendix I in the Wellbeing guidelines. The role of the Wellbeing team, and indeed who this team might be composed of, forms part of the afternoon session on the day.


Please make sure that you avail of the opportunity to attend one of these days. Letters of invitation have been issued to schools for booking through jctregistration.ie.


NCCA/JCT Leadership Team collaboration on Wellbeing Stories from Schools


Throughout the Autumn 2019 seminars we will use video stimuli to listen to stories from both school leaders and teachers regarding the work that has been done thus far in their schools in relation to the Wellbeing programme. These videos have been produced through a collaboration between JCT Leadership and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA). Schools were asked to come forward with their stories through their management bodies and the results of this project can be viewed on the NCCA website Junior Cycle Wellbeing section. Seven video stories from a wide variety of school contexts can be viewed there to support school leaders or to begin a discussion around what you may be doing or wish to do in your school.


If you have any queries or concerns regarding school leadership and the Junior Cycle please contact the leadership team at  Fiona.obrien@jct.ie and Helen.Costello@jct.ie